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Spice Up Your Poker Party with Betting Improvisations

Hosting a poker party is great because you can have the full experience of a poker game at the comfort of your own home. What makes a poker party really good is that you can easily add improvisations for the game: instead of betting normally with money, you can have other fun bets.

The good thing about betting improvisations in a poker party is that it offers an alternative experience in playing poker. Also, it avoids the stressful competition between friends when money is involved. Once you improvise, the party will be much lighter and people less serious. This is because what is at stake is not their hard-earned cash.

Here we offer you several suggestions regarding betting improvisations in a poker party.

1. Truth-and-dare bets

Instead of having your chips have the value of money, make them have the value of a dare or a truth. Each color of chip will have a corresponding degree of truth or dare that the player wagers. Once they lose, the one who wins the chips will decide on what truths need to be revealed or dares need to be done by the losing players.

If you want a real party to get started, this is the best improvisation you can have. Just make sure that everyone agrees on the rules regarding the value of the chips. Also, if you think that your guests are not party people and would shy away from every dare, maybe this is not the best thing to do.

2. Drinking bets

For a real rowdy party, you may want your chips to have the value of a drink. Each red chip, for example could be equivalent to a shot of tequila. Players would then wager a number of chips. The losers will need to drink the equivalent of how many chips they have lost.

Having a drinking bet in a poker party will have astoundingly funny results, especially when people tend to gang up on a certain person. Betting actions will have a different value here, since it has a really instantaneous effect.

3. Mini-date bets

If you are planning a party involving singles, you may want to have a clean, fun, and sexy poker party betting improvisation. Chips in a mini-date bet are equivalent to a certain value of time. For example, blue chips could be five minutes, red chips could be ten.

Players wager their chips as in a normal poker game. After the game, the winner could use the chips to 'buy off' anyone in the group to have a date with them. The duration of the date will then be the value of the chips given to the player.

If you want to have an alternative to money, or would just want a really fun poker party without gambling cash, improvisations are your best bet. Just remember, the point of the improvisation is to have fun, so make sure that your guests are comfortable with the set-up.