That is simple. You just need to go to the buttom of the page and to see if the online casino that operates the game that you are playing is licensed. If it is, your betting is safe and you can keep on wining your money in that casino and to know that even if something is wrong with your payouts, the casino is booked and you can easily track the owners.

So even though the excitement of betting, you should be aware of the dangers of online betting and not to let any betting site to tempt you cause it might be an online casino scam. Bet safely, go always to recommended sites (sites that have links in other betting sites and that was checked by the webmasters), sites that are showing their license online, online betting portals that are taking money by using well known companies and most of all – sites that you know people have already won in, got their money and was not falling into some of these online casino scams.