Horse Betting Types

The horse race determines the type of bet that is available to you. Your decision should be based on the amount you want to bet and the odds for that particular race.


This is the most basic horse bet. If your selected horse wins, the bet is yours.


You select a horse which you believe will finish second. Payouts will depend if your horse finishes first or second. Less money will be paid if your finishes second.


A horse is selected to finish in the top three places in the race. The higher the position of the horse, the higher will be the payout.

Across the Board (Win, Place & Show)

A horse is picked to finish in the top three places. This is commonly three in a single bet. The better the result, the higher the payout.


You place a bet on two horses to finish first and second in a particular order.

Exacta Box

Similar to the exacta bet except that the horses need not finish in a specified sequence.


Bets are placed on two horses finishing first and second without any particular sequence. The sequence does not impact the bet. You win the bet if your two horses finish in the top two places.


Three horses are selected to finish in the top three places in a specific order. Your winnings will depend on the specific order you have made on the horses.

Trifecta Box

This is a six in one bet. Similar to the trifecta bet, but here your three horses can finish in any order in the top three places.


Here, four horses are picked to finish in the top four places in the exact sequence you specify. Winnings are determined by the order of the horses you placed your bet on.

Superfacta Box

Similar to the superfacta, however, the horses can finish in any sequence in the first four places.

Daily Double

You place you bet on the winners of two successive races. Winnings are dependent on the two horses you bet on winning their particular race. Usually, daily double wagers are only accessible on the initial pair of races and the final couple of races during the day.

Pick 3

You bet on horses which you believe will win in three straight races. Every horse which you bet on needs to win in their particular race for you to win the bet.