Betting To Lose

In the world of sports gambling, anything can be made a wager on. Anything can be put of for bet. This is what some experts say are side betting. Side betting involves the betting between individuals and the items bet on are outside the norm of direct horse or sports racing. While many people play the straight bets, meaning that they make choices on the bets, there are those that bet on the losing horse only.

Betting on a loss is seen to be more lucrative since there are much more options to choose from and it is relatively straight forward. There are no second losers or third place loser - just a plain win or loss.

When deciding to bet on a losing horse, the phrase is called "lay a bet". This means that one is going to wager an amount of money for the horse to lose.

Normally, betting on a winning horse is not often encouraged and in someplaces it is banned from regular mainstream racing. By locating a "bookie" in the area can one make additional cash in this choice. BPlayers who want this option have no choice but to either agree with the odds placed by the bookie. Chances are the returns are not that great but sometimes there would be a bet that pays off well. If players can find this then they have got it made.

Betting on a losing horse involves just as much energy as one who wants to bet on the winning horse. The only choice is that the player looks at all of the negative points of the horse and its rivals. The stress is to find the element that assures of a certain loss.

Not all horses can be bet on. If one decides to get the poorest and worst horse of the bunch, no other player would bet against it. The profit must be made on a favorite of the masses or a horse of high distinction that anything else that comes its way cannot be used.

One major element here is that the bpayer must have sufficient funds to back the loss if it turns out to be bad. Normally one should have enough to cover a race or two but for those who are in it for the long haul should be able to buffer themselves against any unexpected occurrences. After all, betting is like gambling.

It is indeed profitable to bet on the losing horse but one should also fo some background work into it for not all horses act the same on different races and this might turn out bad of one bets on a loss and the horse wins instead.